For three consecutive years in a row now, I have oddly found myself returning to the strange state of Utah. Is it the case that once you enter, you will forever be drawn back? I do not know… but it’s getting a little creepy.

In the past, Salt Lake City was my destination for the RootsTech conference. This October it was Deer Valley, and the occasion was the annual retreat of my newly joined company, Articulate.

And when I say “newly joined,” I mean it – I hadn’t worked a single day yet. So you might say that the retreat was kind of the best “First Day” EVER. I mean… just look at the photos…

Cloudy Mountains

Bright Mountain Colors

Bright Mountain Colors 2

Cloudy Mountains 2

Deer Valley

Mountains need power too, you know.

2013 Articulate Retreat Montage, Deer Valley, Utah


The End