Jewl Of The Lotus

the sound that strengthens compassion in all enlightened beings. om mani padme hum.


Project 365 – Days 30 – 40

Here’s a big set for you – the last 10 days worth of photos! Some are ok, some are horrible. I’m trying to find the right balance between not being an annoying all day photographer and still getting a good shot or two of something… Also… I swear I’m going to try and not...


Project 365 – Days 23 to 27

I have mixed thoughts on this newest edition of photos. A few of them came out alright, a few of them are pretty weak. That being said, I’m also not putting 100% into this project. It is just too time consuming and I have a lot that I want to do. So we’ll see...


Project 365 – Day 8

Today was the great day of the Hopslam – Bell’s very awesomely hoppy Double IPA. Two glasses were enjoyed at Ashley’s in Ann Arbor. It was a good night.