Here’s a big set for you – the last 10 days worth of photos! Some are ok, some are horrible. I’m trying to find the right balance between not being an annoying all day photographer and still getting a good shot or two of something… Also… I swear I’m going to try and not wait 10 days before posting again!

Day 30 – El Gato del Fuego… silly kitteh.

El Gato del Fuego

Day 31 (2/1) – Detroit Ruins – If there is traffic on I-94 heading to work in the morning, we’ll often get off early and take Michigan Ave into town. The state of the city out there is a pretty clear example what used to be a thriving metropolitan, but is now quite literally in a state of ruin. It is both sad and beautiful.

Detroit Ruins

Day 32 (2/2) – Liquor and Henna

Liquor & Henna

Day 33 (2/3) – Superbowl – Didn’t get any super awesome shots, so I took this one and applied some super awesome vintage presets. I say, good enough.

SuperBowl Party

Day 34 (2/4) – YOLO – True story.


Day 35 (2/5) – Ashley’s 30th Anniversary – Had many an awesome Bell’s beer at this event, a lot of bourbon barrel-aged stouts! :)

Ashley's 30th Anniversary

Day 36 (2/6) – Renaissance Glow – Detroit seems to be coming back, slowly but surely.

Renaissance Glow

Day 37 (2/7) – Carnival in the City – Setting up for the Winter Blast in Detroit.

Carnival in the City

Day 38 (2/8) – Winter in the D

Winter in the D

Day 39 (2/9) – Heartstrings


Day 40 (2/10) – Self-Portrait