I have mixed thoughts on this newest edition of photos. A few of them came out alright, a few of them are pretty weak. That being said, I’m also not putting 100% into this project. It is just too time consuming and I have a lot that I want to do. So we’ll see what happens. I don’t plan on stopping. Maybe my quality will get better on it’s own. Or maybe I’ll find new ways to be creative.

Day 23 – Hot Apple Toddy. Enjoying a nice hot adult beverage on an icy cold day.

Hot Apple Toddy

Day 24 – Self Portrait #2. Yay, skin smoothing! :P

Self Portrait

Day 25 – Fresh-Rolled Cafeteria Sushi. Not too bad…

Fresh-Rolled Cafeteria Sushi

Day 26 – The Ugly Mug at RatFest 2013

The Ugly Mug at RatFest 2013

Day 27 – Orchids. The newest edition to my decor…