Last month Nate was invited to Istanbul to speak at a brand new conference, Istanbul Tech Talks. The company hosting the event was generous enough to invite the speakers to bring a guest, and so we journeyed to a land far, far away.

It was a great time, overall. We met some great people. We saw a lot of very cool, beautiful, and interesting things. We learned a bit about the city and country. And we took a wrong turn in Asia that resulted in a long and relatively un-scenic 5-mile walk along the coastline, but in the end I got to see some dolphins in the Bosphorus, and then we ate Pizza.

I don’t usually do a lot of B&W work, but for some reason most of my really good Istanbul photos ended up that way. I think it gave them a more distant, dreamlike, and memorable feel. Only regret: not bringing my wide-angle lens. So here they are, the best of Istanbul.

A mosque, one of many

Just another day

The entry to the Blue Mosque area

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque from afar

Just one of the crowd

The Cistern

Turkish Desserts

Lastly, I took a ~10 minute cab ride from the conference to the hotel (after a week at RailsConf and an oversees flight, I wasn’t feeling too hot) and decided to take a video of the sights along the way. There are some interesting moments when we passed through an area of curb side markets selling things like toilets, sink faucets, road cones… you know, random stuff.