Sweet!! I just released my very first jQuery plugin on github – SlickQuiz!

SlickQuiz, simply put, is:

A jQuery plugin for creating pretty, dynamic quizzes.

I’ll let the demo speak for itself – check it out below!!

Your Score:  

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Check out the github page for all the technical details!

Update 6/21/12: We now have a SlickQuiz WordPress plugin!

Update 11/2/13: Wow! Thank you all SO much for trying out SlickQuiz. I hope it’s working well for all of your needs. Today, I’m disabling comments on this post in an effort to route all questions and support requests to a more organized system via Github Issues: https://github.com/jewlofthelotus/SlickQuiz/issues

Please: if you have any issues or feature requests, look through the existing issues for your item before creating a new one. Thanks all! Looking forward to adding some awesome new features in the next year!

Lastly, if you want to stay up to date with new SlickQuiz developments, I’ll be regularly posting about it on my new blog: http://www.juliecameron.com/blog/category/slickquiz/