Hey all! A few months ago, you might remember that I released my SlickQuiz jQuery plugin into the wild – and so far, I’d say it’s been pretty successful!

It’s had several pull requests on github, tons of great feature requests, and it even helped spur the open source movement at my company, Quicken Loans!

So of course, the next logical move for SlickQuiz was a WordPress plugin – which I’m here to present to you today!

Check it out on WordPress: SlickQuiz

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Here are the details:

Managing and creating new quizzes is simple and intuitive.

  • Quiz questions can have single or multiple correct responses.
  • Correct and Incorrect response messages.
  • Results will include a score and ranking (Savant, Genius, Pretty Smart, Not Smart, etc.)
  • Unlimited questions, unlimited answers
  • Make changes to your quiz without having to publish them immediately.
  • Customize error messages for missing or unpublished quizzes.
  • Customize the quiz start button text, as well as score and ranking text.

I am very excited to see where this plugin goes – there are so many possibilities and I already have a lot of ideas for improvements. Already in it’s first 10 days of availability, it’s been downloaded almost 200 times! Yippee!

Update 11/2/13: Wow! Thank you all SO much for trying out SlickQuiz. I hope it’s working well for all of your needs. Today, I’m disabling comments on this post in an effort to route all questions and support requests to a single location – the WordPress SlickQuiz Support Forum: http://wordpress.org/support/plugin/slickquiz

Please: if you have any issues or feature requests, have a quick look through the existing tops for your item before creating a new one. Thanks all! Looking forward to adding some awesome new features in the next year!

You’re also welcome to browse the open Github issues which I’ll be creating for support issues or requests from the WordPress forum. https://github.com/jewlofthelotus/SlickQuiz-WordPress/issues

Lastly, if you want to stay up to date with new SlickQuiz developments, I’ll be regularly posting about it on my new blog: http://www.juliecameron.com/blog/category/slickquiz/