As many of you know, I’ll soon be saying good-bye to the car that I’ve been driving for almost 10 years now.

My 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix.

My '93 Grand Prix

The Prix has seen her share of good days and bad. From road trips to roadsides, I could always count on an exciting time. She’s come quite a far way in her lifetime of 18 years – rolling in at just over a quarter million miles!

A quarter million miles!

And although she’s had her troubles over the past few years, she’s continued to press on well beyond my highest expectations! In fact, I’ll be taking her on her final hurrah this evening – a five hour, 300 mile drive to Illinois. At this point, I’m about 75% confident it will be smooth travels – so wish us luck!

Farewell, old gal. You’ll be well cared for where you’re going.