Sometimes it takes me a while to see how amazing things are. And then **(big)BAM!!** all of a sudden it will come to me. At that point of realization, I will either become extremely excited or extremely confused. Like just now I realized how perfectly my floor lamp lights up my tapestry-covered bedroom during the sunset. This excited me. And thus, I was happy. :)

Here are a few more pleasantly mind-boggling realizations that I have come to develop:
* I am quirky. ~__adj.__ characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits~
* It is entirely *impossible* to __completely__ understand or know another person’s (or animal’s) psyche.
* Determinism. Only %{color:blue}_(big)GOD_% **has** TRUE %{color:green}_freewill_%.
* Religion. ~It’s a mountain.~

These were all exciting recognitions. Here are some I’m still working on:
* Did the egg fall fall from the tree? Skepticism roots for: “No.”
* How do human relationships work, really?
* And, did I actually just have a really awesome idea to help myself become more familiar with Rails?


I just answered that last one, and the answer is yes. Stellar.