Classes have started back up again and so far it looks like this will be a pretty nice semester. I cut my course credits down to nine, which is less than full-time status, but I’m picking up three extra credits by helping out as a Studio Assistant in the audio lab (so I’m back up to twelve credits and a full-time status). I won’t tire you with the explanation of MSU’s grad requirements or where I am in regards to it, but ultimately, this means that I will probably have to take one or two classes during the next summer, but I can still walk in the graduation ceremony in May.

This is good. Why? Because, by taking fewer courses and spanning them across the next three semesters, I will be able to take classes that I will actually enjoy (rather then cramming credits for courses that I’m not even interested in, i.e. Social and Political Philosophy, into two semesters).

Fall ’06 Schedule:
* MUS431 – Music Business – M W 10:20-11:10
* TC346 – Interactive Media I (HTML & CSS) – M 12:40-2:30 Tu 3-5:50
* TC491 – Social, Cultural and Psychological Implications of Computer-Mediated Communication – M W 3-4:20

Add 15 hours as Studio Assistant (Wed, Thur, Fri & Sun) and I’ve got a pretty nice week going.

So I’d say I have my bases covered: both time in the audio labs and HTML/CSS web development topics. Next semester I plan to follow up the Interactive Media I course with its advanced level course, as well as complete and independent study for my audio professor (however, I’m not sure what it will focus on yet – any ideas?).

School rocks when you enjoy what you study.