Alright… so I’ve clearly been slacking off for a few days. This daily photo thing is actually kind of time consuming, not to mention a creativity challenge. Day 10 is particularly sad, as is Day 12. Part of the creativity problem stems from my newly adopted minimalistic lifestyle. Other Project 365ers often seem to choose to focus on a small detail of their daily life, for example – closeups of random trinkets and belongings. Minimalism does not lend itself well to this format. So, I look forward to seeing how creative I can be over the next 352 days…

Day 9 – Puppy! This guy was in the office with a few friends. Of course, we had to say hello!


Day 10 – Weaksauce. I took 2 photos this day. Both were pretty horrible. With some after effects, this is the best I have.


Day 11 – Mr. Detroit. I’ll go ahead and say this is the best shot in this sprint, purely due to the subject matter.

Mr. Detroit

Day 12 – Googly Eyes. Seriously.

Googly Eyes

Day 13 – Guitar. Eh, okay.