I finally did it! After 10 years of pondering and planning, I finally got my first tattoo.

Surprisingly, after all that planning, I decided on it in a pretty well spur-of-the-moment move.

It was the day after Thanksgiving. I went out to Ypsilanti for a late lunch and lo and behold – I found myself eating across the street from Depot Town Tattoo, a shop that had been recommended to me by multiple people. The thought of just walking over there and getting a tattoo immediately crossed my mind, and almost just as quickly, I’d resolved to do it.

I’ve been wanting a tattoo for around 10 years now and have toyed with ideas throughout that whole time. This last year, I got serious with it though – setting up multiple pinterest boards with ideas.

So, it was decided, I was going to walk across the street after eating and get a tattoo. Step 2: decide which tattoo idea to get. Something simple, something safe, something meaningful, something relevant. Live. Decided.

I walked in, told my idea to Dawn, and within minutes we were ready to go. The tattoo was done in about 60 seconds. It felt like cat scratches. Not too bad at all. Without further ado, I present to you my first tattoo:

Live Wrist Tattoo

The first of possibly many… I am scheming my next tat(s), they could happen very soon… :P