Well… after several months of not being able to blog due to random Typo errors, I’ve finally made a transition to Mephisto CMS. It was a surprisingly smooth conversion once I found the proper combination of script hacks. There are still a few problems though, unfortunately. Mainly, that pagination seems to have “disappearred” with the newest release – so please, enjoy my most recent 15 entries until I can make this damn plugin work.

On to the update… It’s been about 5 1/2 months since my last post, I was freelancing then – but now I’ve got a real job – Project Manager at MetaSpring, a marketing, design and development startup studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. And awesomely enough, I primarily get to work with Rails! We just launched our redesigned website and blog so please check them out and leave a comment!

Aside from the new job, life’s been normal… Went to California over Thanksgiving with Adam, that was awesome. Christmas, w00t. New Years, woohoo! Work. Work. Work work work. Oh, ..and I’m about to buy a new MacBook (!!!!..sorta..).

This 12” PowerBook G4, God bless its beautiful little form factor, is audible from the opposite end of my apartment. Adam likens the sound of it to that of a dustbuster. And it really is driving me crazy, not to mention it’s way too slow for what I need it to do. So, I have to upgrade. First let me say, I love the MacBook Air body – sleek, sexy, almost weightless. I checked it out in Best Buy last week and it definitely had me salivating…sigh…but it needs more power. So, I’m getting a white MacBook with an upgraded hard drive to match the specs of the default black MacBook (which, by the way, is $100 more than the white with even specs).

If all goes well, I’ll be making that purchase before the end of the weekend :) But now I’m going to bed, and hopefully sleeping off this oncoming cold. Wish me luck!