Well the bad luck of Friday the 13th started a day early this year. On Thursday the 12th (of _October_!), it snowed. This is the earliest snowfall Michigan has seen in somewhere around the last 125 years. I like snow…but not until the end of November, and only until the middle of January. Any sooner or later then that and I’ll probably not be too thrilled. Luckily, I live in Michigan where the temperature goes from 30 degrees to 60 in a weekend. So you can be sure that come Monday, I’ll be wearing a t-shirt and enjoying the sun.

Aside from the Friday the 13th induced bad weather, I’ve discovered that both of my cats have fleas. And, Gibby has a hole poked into her abdomen. So they’re both on flea medications, and I get to vacuum all the carpets and furniture, and wash all of the sheets and blankets, and spray to kill all the eggs. And, I have to give Gibby antibiotics and keep her from licking her wound. If she keeps licking it – we have to buy her one of those white plastic shields that go around the head. She’d love that.

I can only assume that this bad luck will continue through tomorrow, I will keep you all updated.

Maybe since the Spartans are already having a horrible season, the bad luck of Friday the 13th will have a reverse effect and we’ll beat #1 Ohio State… I could also be dreaming.