Here’s an interesting interview (found on “digg”: with a record producer-turned-neuroscientist, who is currently researching how the brain and mind handle and interpret music. “Read the article here.”:,71631-0.html?tw=wn_index_2

This guy is awesome. I am inspired just by his history alone. A guy going from a kick-ass job as a record producer for the Grateful Dead to a freaking neuroscientist. I can’t even fathom that transition.

Anyway, I thought the interview was very exciting. I never really tried to think about how we perceive music and why we all perceive it differently. I just knew it happened. Now, we’re beginning to understand all these little functions of the human mind and the more we learn the more we can begin to advance and the more we’ll be able to achieve (both, good and bad).

Peace, Jewls