Here we go again… slacking off a little bit. Here’s another set of 5… or is it? SPOILER ALERT: There are only 4 photos in this post… :(

Day 17 – The Wurst Bar in Ypsi had their one year anniversary party. This was the ridiculous bacon-wrapped PBR brat, topped with even more amazing things.

The Wurst Bar Brat

Day 18 – Thought I’d go for something easy and grab a shot of my favorite desk ornament, my BSG Cylon action figure. He’s just chilling.

Cylon Desk Buddy

Day 19

FAIL DAY. :( There are no more words.

Day 20 – While strolling around downtown Ann Arbor, we headed into Moosejaw where we spotted this fine floor display. Yes… that would be the Queen of England and Christoper Walken camping out.

Gone Campin

Day 21 – Seriously, do not enter, unless you want to be eaten by giant ants… your call.

Do Not Enter .. Or giant ants will eat you.